How to use AI & Live Agent's to Boost Your Customer Experience & Sales/Leads?

Artificial intelligence is not a science fiction anymore. Machines are getting smarter each day, and businesses throughout the world are discovering more ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to considerably enhance customer experience.

Evolution from Human to Bot

Customer service has traditionally been a field that banks on the empathic abilities of a human being. As the overheads for human staffed call-centers have grown, automation has become vital and led to the introduction of bots.

Remarkably, about 38% of businesses have started using AI in their customer service department, and the numbers are going to increase by 62% by 2018.

This webcast will increase awareness and provide clarity on this booming industry, covering everything about automating customer service using customer experience AI. Walk away with magnificent information on employing best practices for building a seamless customer experience.

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